International Songwriter

Based in Vancouver, Canada

International songwriter working with artists, DJs and producers globally, including Canada, the US, England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Albania, Australia, Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Zambia and Cameroon.

Music released on Sony Music, Soave Records, LoudKult, Songspire Records, Coldharbour Recordings, Perfect Havoc, Spectrum Recordings, Dancing Dead Records, Dim Mak Records, Black Hole Recordings, Playground Music, King Street Sounds, UFO Recordz, Reload Music, G-Mafia Records, Ensuna Music, Nimi Records, Personal Belongings Label, Flick Records, Venus Records, Only the Best, Moiss Music, Black Riot, Melodic Bassment Records, Harmor Records, T.E.M. Music Group and others.

The Word

"Rick is one of the most engaged songwriters I’ve ever worked with. Creative with 100% passion and professionalism."

Revelz, DJ/Producer Germany

"Rick’s positive energy and enthusiasm are matched only by his constant stream of great ideas."

Maya Love, Singer/Songwriter USA

"The passion and fire within Rick are a source of inspiration and hope when writing, composing and producing with this beautiful soul."

Bassanova, DJ/Producer The Netherlands

"Rick has a good ear to make emotional songs and lyrics. Just believe in music, and Rick is there with you."

Erik Gabriel, Music Artist Sweden

"Rick is an amazing connecter and collaborator. He’s extremely easy to work and great at identifying the missing pieces and finding the right people to get the best outcome."

DJ Fluke, DJ/Producer Australia

"Rick is one of the most professional people I have worked with in the music industry. He is a trustworthy bridge between collaborators."

Gurkan Asik, DJ/Producer Turkey

"Rick is a great songwriter...a loving soul with incredible creativity."

Reaa, Music Artist Malaysia

"Rick is a creative fountain of musical knowledge and inspiration. He’s generous with his time and talent, and is a treat to work with professionally."

PIOTR, Music Artist Canada

"Rick has blessed me with amazing toplines and hooks for my deep funky house projects. He’s also brilliant at finding new vocal talents."

Col Lawton, DJ/Producer UK

"Rick has a passion for music creation unrivalled, always open to trying new directions and suggesting ideas. It's always a pleasure to create with Rick with his unwavering attitude of positivity and commitment to getting results."

Alan Currie, Producer Ireland

"Exceptional songwriter — very professional and easy to work with. Working with him was a blessing for me. Thank you for being an amazing human!"

Daisy Daniels, Music Artist Italy

"Rick is an awesome collaborator with a great sense of vision! He also leaves room for you to bring what you do best to the table."

Yoosuf Blake, Music Artist USA

"Rick's music is amazing and really soothing for the soul. He definitely has an ear catching great sounds."

JC Kalinks, Music Artist Zambia

"Rick is a standup professional. He has a seamless knack for crafting well organized and standout melodies and truly knows how to create music that speaks to all different walks of life."

Chris Barrett, Music Artist USA

"Bubbling and enthusiastic vibes working with Rick are guaranteed. It’s a pleasure having such an engaging and excited colleague."

FedStar, Music Artist Italy

"My very first impression of Rick Sloboda was WOW! — the kindest, polite person and willing to serve the heart that he owns. What a wonderful and beautiful personality. We’ve been collaborating for a few months now and my first impression doesn't change a bit!"

Alina Aminova, Artist Russia

"I love working with Rick. He gets things moving and has a great ear for music and lyrics. Full of ideas, visions and positive vibes and he always brings out the best of me in our sessions."

Ika Norberg, Artist & Producer Sweden

"Rick Sloboda is a passionate songwriter who is always open to exploring creative ideas and is a true joy to collaborate with."

Cat Thompson, Music Artist Australia

"It has been a pleasure working with Rick, I love how he pushes me to think about the bigger picture when it comes to music creation."

Benny Universe, Music Artist USA

"Rick is a professional songwriter who composes very beautiful and unique melodies."

Ingrid White, Music Artist Cameroon

"Rick is a very talented songwriter who’s passionate about his craft. Very friendly and professional to work with!"

Liza Vassilieva, Artist Norway

"Rick is the creative fuel that keeps our collabs going with new, fun and playful ways to approach toplines we work on."

Mary Mi, Artist & Producer Sweden

"Rick's a pleasure to work with, highly creative and well connected with artists around the globe."

Tuncay Albayrak, DJ/Producer Turkey

"Rick writes beautiful ballads but also great hits. I gave him a story of where I'm currently in my life, and out of it came a lovely, catchy tune that represented exactly how I feel."

Floralyn, Music Artist England

"Rick has the ability to convey so much emotion into one song. His lyrics are timeless and sentimental. Plus, he is such a joy to work with."

Reina Mora, Music Artist USA

"Rick is a great songwriter. He's always there with new and cool ideas, and he's a very kind and uplifting person! Working with him makes you feel inspired."

Riccardo Dissenga, Music Producer Italy

"Rick captures and translates very strong emotions and stories into songs. Combined with his kindness and understanding, I’d very sincerely love to work with him time and time again."

Jeremy Hagry, Sound Engineer England

"Working with Rick is a pleasure. He has great ideas and organizational skills."

J Nolan, Music Artis USA

"Rick is a talented songwriter and an excellent collaborator."

Tissa Rahim, Music Artist Canada

“Rick is ambitious and passionate about songwriting and creating music. Full of ideas, lyrical and musical, he has accomplished many goals in the songwriting world.”

Nikita Afonso, Music Artist Canada

“Working with Rick has a unique way of making me think outside the box. His creativity is built on top of a very deliberate focus to complete songs and get them to the world. When we start something he won’t stop till it’s top notch and on the path to getting millions of hits!”

James Robinson, Music Artist USA

“Rick is the best out there. He manages to do all the work 100% precisely and professionally. I’m so glad to work with him!”

Albert Breaker, DJ/Producer Italy

“I have been working with Rick for about 2 years, he is an amazing songwriter that always seems to create something original and inspiring. His drive and work ethic is 2nd to none and I appreciate every opportunity he allows me to be apart of. It’s a blessing to work with greatness!”

Dre Above All, Artist/Producer USA

“Rick is such a joy to work with. He has inspired me greatly through his compassionate, drive, and uplifting energy. Rick really gets to know what each creative individual truly wants and where they thrive. He offers genuine advice and brings out the best in each artist so they can shine!”

Mira, Artist USA

“Rick is such a very easy person to work/talk with, an amazing songwriter, and a really professional worker. He is a highly dedicated person and is always down to help you in anything.”

TH3 DARP, DJ/Producer Portugal

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